This Band is Awesome!

We have selected an absolutely marvelous band for this year’s Cheer for Children Ball. The Papa-Sol Band!¬†Papa-Sol is a powerful band featuring lively floor shows and danceable pop or soul! Their repertoire also contains a bit of funk, reggae, country, blues, jazz, beach, and good old rock & roll. Papa-Sol plays hits from the vintage years of the 1950’s to today. This band has danced from coast to coast and around the world. They boast performance credits in Japan, Thailand, Korea, The Philippines, and Guam. Papa-Sol is guaranteed to profoundly pop your soul!

Not convinced yet? Well, just take a listen….


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  1 comment for “This Band is Awesome!

  1. Cheer4Children
    April 9, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    You will not believe this band. And we know you will all dance away the night!

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